Let’s Edit is a 100% black-owned company with a Level 1 B-BBEE status. We are a registered company and are also registered for value-added tax (VAT). Although our offices are in Sandton and Brooklyn in South Africa, we’re privileged to say that our clients can be found in all nine provinces of South Africa and other African countries. We made our name delivering premium quality, polished documents – a great number of them. We’ll make sure your documents are sparkling clean.


Others often recommend us because of our impeccable attention to detail that is a crucial ingredient in the process of turning an important document or video into a masterpiece. Because you are a professional, we believe your documents and videos should look professional too. What is our goal when handling your project? To make your finished product look absolutely stunning!


We are a solutions-driven company that provides CV redesigning, thesis and dissertation editing, proofreading, copywriting, company profile writing, company profile designing, marketing videos, advert, logo designing, flyer designing and printing, transcription, translation, typing, website editing services, and more. We ensure that documents and videos of companies, students, government organisations, and other individuals are of high quality. Our team will make you feel proud of your professional content.




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Our chief editor has been featured in several poetry books published in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.
In 2004, he represented South Africa at Walt Disney World Resort, in Orlando, Florida, USA, where he was awarded an “International Poet of Merit” medallion, as well as a trophy for “Outstanding Achievement in Poetry”.

He obtained his bachelor’s degree from University of Pretoria and holds an Advanced Copy-editing and Proofreading certificate. As the only student in Gauteng province, South Africa, who scored 100% in Business Economics during his final year of schooling, Khomotso received an MEC of Education Award for the Best Business Economics Student in Gauteng Province and the Marcus Steyn Trophy for Economics. In the same year, he also received the Saambou Bank Trophy for Business Economics.

As an international writer, he has been featured, among others, in the following international books:

  • The International Who’s Who in Poetry
  • The Best Poems and Poets of 2003
  • The Best Poems and Poets of 2004
  • The Best Poems and Poets of 2005
  • Colours of the Heart
  • Eternal Portraits
  • Labours of Love
  • Songs of Honour


In South Africa, his work has been published by the Poetry Institute of Africa.

His work is featured, among others, in the following South African books:

  • Departing Dawn
  • Surrendering Thoughts
  • Woorde van Waarheid (Afrikaans book)

With his international experience, you can have full confidence that your work is in capable hands.




“Let’s Edit (Pty) Ltd conducted their editing services in a professional manner and delivered work within agreed time frames.” – Director at Balushi Chartered Accountants and Auditors (Balushi Inc.)


“Thank you for your prompt assistance and professional service.” – Senior Manager at Secondments


“The Council was impressed with the quality of service provided and would recommend the supplier to any organisation that wishes to obtain a skilled and competent supplier to edit its annual reports.” – Research & Media Manager at the Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC)


“[Mr Bopape] professionally edited one of my students’ Masters Dissertation.
He also edited an article for me before I sent it to an academic journal overseas. I was amazed by his positive attitude and high professional standards in dealing with customers. The quality of his work in editing the dissertation as well as my article is commendable.

“His advice and comments were constructive. I was pleased with his meticulous attention to the technical layout of both documents, including the referencing styles. I have no doubt in my mind that his other customers are as pleased as I am with the quality of his work. I shall not hesitate to send more of my work to him in the near future.”

 – Senior Lecturer at Central University of Technology


“Thank you so much for your help, as you have made my thesis better now. They have signed it off today, so by Thursday I will send it for printing and binding.”

 – PhD Thesis Student from University of Science and Technology (South Korea)


“I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude for your valued contribution to my UNISA-SBL MBL dissertation. After two independent external moderators, I was awarded an average of 80% as the final mark. Once again, thank you for all your trouble!”

 – MBL (Master of Business Leadership) Student from UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership


“I cannot thank you enough for your professional service and the quality you added to my paper. I passed with flying colours and will be graduating in April and I know I can say with confidence that you added 7-10% to my mark. I have two friends completing their MCom papers end of this year and I have already told them about your superb service.”

 – Master of Informatics Student from University of Pretoria


“Thank you very much for editing my treatise. I must say my work looked very professional and the external examiner did not hesitate to give a 75.”

 – Master of Arts (Labour Relations and Human Resources) Student at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University


“I appreciate the speed and precision at which you do things. Almost a miracle worker!”

 – PhD Student from University of Pretoria


“Thank you very much. I can see you thoroughly worked on the paper. You are a life saver. Now I should finish it off. I can’t believe you found that many mistakes *hides*”.

 – Master of Informatics Student from University of Pretoria


“I am really grateful that you went the extra mile to meet my tight deadline and made sense of my scrambled thoughts. Thanks for the great service!!”

 – Master of Management in Finance and Investment Student from Wits Business School


“Thank you so much for your good service – I will recommend your business to ... all research students I know. Much appreciated! You were my saving grace! Enjoy a well-deserved weekend!”

 – MBA (Master of Business Administration) Student from University of the Free State (UFS) Business School


“In 2012, I used the services of Letsedit to edit my MSc dissertation (Chemistry).
I was satisfied by the quality and the short length of time it took them to edit my dissertation. The fee charged for this service was very reasonable. I received praise from my examiners regarding the outstanding language and grammar aspects of my dissertation which I have no doubt contributed to me being awarded a distinction. I would recommend Letsedit without hesitation.”

 – Master of Science (in Chemistry) Student from North-West University


“Thanks for the hard work; I can tell you went through it thoroughly.”

 – MBA Student from MANCOSA (Management College of Southern Africa)


“This is to confirm that Mr Khomotso Bopape has professionally edited my MBA dissertation with Regenesys Business School and has successfully fulfilled the requirements of a professional editor in this regard.

“I would recommend his company to any prospect student wishing to undertake their MBA or PhD using his services which [are] of high quality standards, articulates professionalism and is indeed knowledgeable of editing any dissertations.”

 – MBA Graduate from Regenesys Business School who was then planning to register for his PhD studies


“This serves to certify that I have known and worked with Mr Khomotso Bopape from Let’s Edit as a technical editor of my MBA thesis at the University of the Free State Business School.

“This testimony attests to the professionalism, attention to detail and strength of character I found in Mr Bopape, which were underpinned by strong ethical values. During the editing period in May 2013, I was impressed by his remarkable consistency and steadfastness even when faced with the daunting deadline I put him through. His ability to handle pressure with grace and focus on the end results earned him my greatest esteem. In the end, my MBA thesis was assessed and scored 70% without further corrections, including editorial.

“I honestly have no hesitation in recommending Mr Bopape and his organisation to a position of responsibility ...”

 – MBA Student from University of the Free State (UFS) Business School


“Thanks for editing my thesis. I had a distinction in my thesis.”

 – Master of Philosophy in Integrated Water Management Student from Monash South Africa


“Greatness in a piece of literature is not only based on the content but also on the structure, flow and language. The structure, flow and language is the work of the author but a touch of greatness is what Let’s Edit did to my study. Thank you very much.”

 – MCom in Financial Management Student from University of Pretoria